Crypto Maturity Framework

Is your Financial Institution ready to take the next step towards a clear strategy for dealing with crypto currencies? MMG supports you in shedding light into the tunnel by introducing the Crypto Maturity Framework.

The crypto-related Market Infrastructure continues to grow globally as well as in Switzerland. Initially isolated Peer-to-Peer Exchanges have been supplemented by larger Exchange Platforms. Fintech Wallet and Vault Providers start to compete with Custody Solutions by traditional Financial Institutions. Service packages continue to mature towards a complete trade and custody life cycle coverage. Ecosystems further blossom.

Although various Financial Service Providers in Switzerland offer Crypto Currency Solutions in one way or another, the majority of established Financial Institutions does not appear to be ready (yet) to offer respective solutions. Samples of randomly selected traditional Swiss Financial Institutions reveal (by using the search engine of the company's home pages), that neither adequate Crypto Currency information is available nor are corresponding services being offered.

This leads to the crucial question, which stance established Swiss Financial Institutions shall take:

Do you leave your customers or prospects alone with the subject of Crypto Currencies or do you support them adequately in some form?

Service Description

MMG has developed a Crypto Maturity Framework (“CMF”) to help established Swiss Financial Institutions to assess their crypto-related maturity. Such a service enables our clients to benefit from multiple advantages as follows:

  1. A clear picture regarding the currently prevailing crypto-related status quo within your company
  2. Transparency and benchmarking on your crypto-related maturity compared to your competitors
  3. A specific and precise crypto-maturity assessment along each core dimension of your company
  4. A meaningful and significant maturity verdict supporting your decision-making for the development of crypto-related capabilities and services
  5. A tailored action plan with feasible measures supporting the implementation of a clear strategy for Crypto Currencies
  6. General insights into organizational and strategic best practices as result of the assessment
  7. Overview of the Swiss Ecosystem for Crypto Currencies based on MMG research and insights

Simply speaking, MMG uses five core business dimensions to assess your crypto-related maturity:

  • Organization

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Operations

  • Technology

  • Customer


In a first step, the business dimensions of the CMF are evaluated through a dedicated questionnaire to gain a first indication of the company’s maturity.

As a second step, in case the questionnaire reveals internal activities on behalf of Crypto Currencies, a full-fledged maturity assessment is undertaken. In a nutshell, such an assessment covers a multitude of criteria per business dimension and helps us to gain a more thorough understanding of your company and enabling a more precise maturity verdict.

The CMF relies on distinct maturity levels in relation to the company’s crypto maturity to reach its verdict. Both steps within the CMF use the same taxonomy. While the first step includes an indicative overall maturity verdict, the second step delves deeper and enables a more thorough verdict along each business dimension and for the company as a whole:

  1. Early Stage
  2. Learning
  3. Emerging
  4. Optimizing
  5. Mature


The CMF Service provides you with the following deliverables based on the steps taken during the maturity assessment:

  1. The initial CMF questionnaire leads to an indicational overview of the crypto-maturity level of a company and includes an overall maturity verdict and recommendations.
  2. The full-fledged CMF assessment leads to a practicable action plan on how to position yourself in regard to Crypto Currencies and supports you with an actionable measures catalogue on how such a positioning can be achieved. It includes maturity verdicts for every business dimension.
  3. Based on the outcome of the CMF Service, MMG can support you in the implementation of the defined action plan and specified measures with its strategic and operational project management experience and crypto-specific knowledge.

What is it for?

The MMG Crypto Maturity Framework (“CMF”) is aimed at Small to Mid-sized Swiss Financial Institutions based in Switzerland covering Banks and Asset Managers.

Why MMG?

We are a small and agile team of experienced Management Consultants with former backgrounds in large Consultancies and Financial Services Providers and have built extensive capabilities in the required areas over the last years covering multiple successful project execution along:

  • Banking Services (i.e. Advisory Process, Post Trading, FinSA & FIDLEG Requirements)

  • Strategy Implementation (i.e. development and implementation of roadmap for Tokenized Assets, Crypto Currencies, DLT and Blockchain Technologies)

  • Digital Transformation (i.e. Digital Strategy, Target Operating Model, development and implementation of End-to-End Solutions)

  • Agile Project Excellence (i.e. PMO and Project Management Expertise and Business Analysis).

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