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Developing effective solutions that produce the desired results is a measurement of success for any project. However, coordinating different areas and achieving a comprehensive solution requires finesse; which, if not executed correctly can result in delays and increased project costs. MMG helps clients achieve desired outcomes, on-time, by accounting for internal and external factors upfront with respect to budget and timeline. Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to changing environments, identify new opportunities and achieve a holistic solution.

Agile Project Excellence

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Agile Project Excellence

Proven agile methodology to ensure the client's productivity thrives in dynamic environments.

Agility, a holistic end-to end view, and innovation are three main areas which allow companies to persist and thrive in dynamic market environments. Project efforts can be dramatically reduced by adopting an agile project management methodology, such as SCRUM. Agile project methodologies promise to address the weak points of more traditional project models, but can also introduce new challenges. A prerequisite of working with agile project management methodologies is that companies need a thorough alignment between SCRUM master, project managers, business analysts and test managers. MMG offers a project methodology which tackles complex projects in an agile way without compromising on quality or speed. Our SCRUM-based process reengineering methodology reduces time-to-market and also educates internal resources for a later project takeover.

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Complex projects get off the ground faster

Higher quality specifications despite time-pressure

Methodology fits easily into existing frameworks

Flexible resource allocation according to demands

Communication channels are improved

Success Stories

Largest European E-Commerce Pharmacy: Agile Business Process Improvement & Optimization

The client wanted to improve, optimize and redesign their business processes. The ultimate goal was to become more flexible, transparent and cost efficient. MMG thereby supported the client to realize these goals, using our own proven agile project approach specifically designed for projects with high specification requirements, such as this one.

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