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The digital age allows companies to quickly jump on new opportunities, developing products and services at a fraction of the original time and cost. However, given the complexity and superlatives surrounding this topic, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to realistically grasp the effective potential of a digital transformation. To help maximize and unleash this available potential, MMG actively supports its clients from conception to development.

Proof of Concepts


Proof of Concepts

Avoid pitfalls early on with feasibility checks of ideas and development of a minimal viable product in a cost-efficient manner.

The development of new products and services is a complex undertaking which can use significant resources along the way. Proof of concepts can be an effective management tool to minimize the resources required. MMG believes in the use of proof of concepts to validate ideas and test feasibility as early as possible. With the development of a minimal viable product, clients gain a better understanding of the initial idea and can identify the solution’s strength and shortcomings. The learnings can then be applied to the complete concept. MMG guides their clients from conception to implementation of the proof of concept so that clients can visualize and further develop their initial ideas into valuable products or services.

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Products and services are available in less time

Feasibility of concepts can be validated more quickly

Failures can be avoided / addressed at an earlier stage

Products & services developed more cost efficiently

Capabilities of the solution can be challenged early on

Success Stories

Swiss Crypto Ecosystem: Proof of Concept in the Swiss Crypto Valley

With the goal of creating an overview of the complex Swiss crypto landscape, MMG created a Crypto platform. MMG started out with a proof of concept to validate ideas and assumptions early in the process. This allowed MMG to gather valuable customer feedback to confirm the crypto platform’s direction and value proposition. The proof of concept not only helped to get feedback on already existing applications but also generated a lot of new ideas.

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