Writing an article with AI doesn't need to be easy

Ladies and Gentlemen, class is in session! Today's topic: How to write an article with AI. And guess what? This article is not only written by AI but at the same time also describes how it was written by AI… That’s what I call self-referential 🤯

First things first - prompt engineering

Now, before you start envisioning an army of robots bashing away at the keyboard, allow me to illustrate the essence of prompt engineering. In layman's terms, it's like giving your AI a nudge in the right direction, much like the way a seasoned director might guide an Oscar-winning performance 🎥


Imagine, if you will, being at a party. You're all dressed up — your hair gelled to the nines, shoes polished to a scintillating gleam, and attitude cranked up to Mount Everest-sized charisma 🎩. You come across an introverted programmer named Alex 🤓. Now, to strike up an engaging conversation with the reluctant talker, you don't jump right in with "Yo, code-meister, how's life in the Matrix?" No, you tailor your prompt — a.k.a. your question — in a way that will evoke a substantial response. Like, "Alex, I heard you've been working on an immersive VR game. How did you overcome the spatial challenges?"

The magic sauce

Fast-forward to working with AI — it's the same tune, different dance 💃

This is the part where I reveal my secret sauce – I set the stage by providing the AI with directives such as the tone of the article, the narrative and the word limit (because nobody wants War and Peace on LinkedIn, right?). My prompt went something like: 

Let me just say, the result wasn't a smoothly-glazed donut at first bite. Oh no. It was more like a tangled mess of spaghetti. But, remember, AI isn't supposed to be easy! It required a lot of back-and-forth, throwing creative phrases and analogies to the AI and patiently teaching her the art of being professional, while still keeping it fun.

The dance continues

By now, Alexandra and I have developed our dance. She knows that when I tell her to be entertaining, I don't want her to crack AI-inspired knock-knock jokes 🤡. No, she understands that I want engaging and relatable metaphors, thoughtful witticisms, and a pinch of playful sass! And when I request for professionalism, she refrains from helter-skelter slang and sticks to a language that would make Shakespeare nod in approval 🧐.

Now, is this AI magic easy to pull off? 🤔 Not at all! Each prompt requires some forethought – considering the tone, the flow, the subject – much like spinning plates on sticks. And guess what? It makes the writing process a lot more engaging and rewarding.

So, folks, there you have it, the backstage tour of this AI-powered grand theatre. This article you just read? Yeah, it's the handiwork of a trained AI and a dash of human artistry 🎨. And while it may not always be a walk in the park, this blend of man and machine, tech and touch, is quite a thrill to behold. After all, writing an article with AI doesn't need to be easy... it needs to be interesting!

To quote an unknown philosopher (or maybe it was just Alexandra): "If the dance with AI is hard, don’t stop dancing. Just change the steps...preferably something fun with a dash of cha cha cha!"

So whether you're a seasoned AI whisperer or just plugging into the matrix, remember this – it's not about bottling the tornado, but learning to waltz with it.

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