Supply chain strategy and management post COVID-19

Is your supply chain organization impacted by COVID-19? Are you in the process of assessing the impact and identifying new strategies based on changed parameters? MMG supports you in addressing supply chain and process challenges by combining three of our offerings and tools.

The economic impact of the current pandemic is massive. Its impact cannot be isolated or limited to a specific business or market in a global economy and highlights the fragility of current operating models, the need for flexible and responsive supply chains and the importance of business continuity strategies.


An MMG analysis identified major supply chain areas impacted by the pandemic and other emerging drivers such as sustainability and regionality, cost transparency and need for supply Chain simplicity. These areas and related processes and operations need to be reassessed and redesigned.

Together with senior subject matter experts and industry executives we have developed a framework based on the following services to address the current challenges within supply chain management:

Strategy Review and Impact Assessment

We assess the impact of the current pandemic on SCM then map this to the overall company strategy while considering any underlying parameters and assumptions. We also reevaluate the underlying parameters and assumptions based on new geopolitical and business continuity management scenarios. We help you assess and resize your footprint, simplify your supply chain and redesign operational processes to eliminate inefficiencies.

Strategic Sourcing

Being one of MMG’s core competencies, we reevaluate sourcing strategies of direct and indirect materials/services and adapt them to the new requirements as derived from the strategy review and impact assessment. In this context we bring in substantial experience in strategic sourcing across various categories and industries.

Agile Process Reengineering, Data Management & Artificial Intelligence

Agility, holistic end-to-end view and innovation are three main areas which allow companies to persist and thrive in a dynamic market environment where time-to-market and flexibility are critical for adapting processes. MMG’s industry expert network creates a holistic end-to-end view of the processes. Our SCRUM-based process reengineering methodology reduces time-to-market.


Master data alignment and the application of AI further enable improvements of end-to-end value chain processes. We have established industry and technology partnerships to deliver data innovation (such as Knowledge Graphs) into your supply chain organization, allowing not only fact-based decision making but also unleashing the power of your own data for product and services development and innovation.

We are convinced that an intelligent, fact-based adaptable model can be plugged into various operating models to drive performance transparency in the value chain and simulate extraordinary scenarios, including their cost implications.

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