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Discover, compare and ultimately select the sourcing platform that best fits your needs with the help of our sourcing platform preselection tool.


Platform-based sourcing enables companies to gain visibility and control along the entire procurement value chain. Due to the large volume and range of solutions from best-of-breed to full S2P suite providers, the market for sourcing platforms has become more and more complex. MMG’s preselection tool for sourcing platforms sheds light into darkness and helps companies identify the number of platforms that actually fit their needs.


Given the large number of sourcing tools out there, selecting the right provider is anything but easy. With the help of our sourcing platform preselection tool, companies can gain valuable insights into the strength and weaknesses of each provider solutions. Based on our own database of sourcing tool providers, we can provide a preselection of potential suppliers in a short period of time before diving into the actual selection process with our sourcing platform advisory service.


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